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Meal Prep

 A way to maintain your diet/ eating schedule by saving time as well as money spent on wasted foods and fast-food. 

Interested in receiving meal preps from ChefBmo? You're in luck, I'm flattered... don't be shy, send an email inquiry :D

Send an inquiry with your:

  • Name (first, last) 

  • Meal Plan Choice

  • Ideal Plan Preferences (if any)

  • Goal for diet (OPTIONAL) 

  • When you're looking to start

  • How many people are you feeding?

  • Cell-phone Number

  • Any additional questions or concerns

Please allow a 24-hour timespan to pass, giving the opportunity for response. With a meal prepping plan, prices may vary although can be discussed upon email. 

-Here's what you need to know-

Single one-person household who cooks too much food, often wasting leftovers? Bigger household but you don't always have the energy to prepare meals each day? Meal preps could be most beneficial for you

You absolutely do NOT need to be on a strict diet or regimen in order to receive meal preps! While this can be a goal of yours that I would love to tend to and make happen, you can also order regular meals for your prep, not limited. 

-There are different meal plans. Ranging from full make-ahead meals for the full 7-day week,(usually starting at a more expensive starting rate), to as little as lunch/mini-meal preps for the full week or excluding weekends. 


  • Household 7-day Meal Preps (3-10 people)

  • Party-of-two 7-day Meal Preps

  • Meals for One 7- day Meal Preps

  • Lunch Preps ( 7- day )

  • Lunch Preps (5 - day)

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